Arena Hunt

29 Nov 22, 12:00 AM to 02 Dec 22, 12:00 AM IST
Every future entrepreneur must be equipped with knowledge of present-day entrepreneurial events, must be able to communicate effectively, and think out of the box. Our event aims to test these skills. Round 1 (Preliminary Round): Meticulous memory Sets of 10 chits each are made. Each chit of a particular set has an entrepreneurial term/ company name/ CEO’s name on one side, and a number (from 1 to 10) on the other. One set of chits is dispersed within a classroom in pre-determined areas. After this, the first team is sent into the room, and instructed to memorise the word and its corresponding chit number on as many chits as they can find, in under 2 minutes. Note: After memorising the chit, the team members need to keep the chit in the same place they originally found it. After 2 minutes, the team is called to the front and asked to write down all the words with their corresponding number, on all the chits they were able to find, in numerical order. If they find chits having the same number on them, they will be instructed to report the words on those chits in alphabetical order. This task is to be completed within 1 minute, after which the team will be sent to another room, away from the other teams yet to play the game. Then, the next team is brought in to repeat the same. The volunteers will then evaluate the teams based on how many words (and their corresponding numbers) they were able to memorise and reproduce on paper in the right numerical order. The teams will be ranked accordingly, and the top 7 teams will advance to the final round. Round 2 (Final Round): Arena Hunt The first team is given a riddle, which leads them to their first destination/ stall, where they will encounter 2 questions. The first question is an MCQ, which they will answer by choosing a coloured chip corresponding to their choice. Regardless of whether or not their MCQ answer was right or wrong, the next question posed to them will be a riddle or a clue, leading them to the next destination, where they will repeat the process followed by them at destination/ stall 1, and this will continue till they reach their final destination/ stall, where after answering their last MCQ, they will be led back to the place from which they started. After all the teams complete the game and assemble back at the starting point, the volunteers will evaluate the number of correct answers chosen by each team for the MCQs at each stall. The teams will be ranked accordingly. Notes: Each team will be accompanied by an event volunteer/on-day volunteer Each stall will have an event volunteer/on-day volunteer stationed there to give the teams the clue leading them to their next destination