Entrevertz-Guess 'O' Mania

29 Nov 22, 12:00 PM to 03 Dec 22, 12:05 PM IST
Are you looking for an event to ease it off or are you an amateur who is confused about where to begin? Are you ready to delve deeper into the world of logos and products. Worry not, because Entrevertz is here.If you’re as quick as lightning and as clear as a crystal, the crown is yours. Round 1-Bet the price Pictures of various objects would be kept inside the mystery box and one picture will be shown at a time for 10secs for the participants to identify what the object is,then they would be given another 20secs to write down the name,price of the object in the paper and if they write any valid unique descriptional points about the object they will be given extra points. Round 2-Unravel the logo The round involves active participation of all the three team members. One member is given a picture of an unfinished logo of a well known company . First he/she has to guess the logo correctly , after which he/she will have to communicate the answer to a blindfolded member. The blindfolded member can ask a maximum of 20 questions to guess the logo. However, the questions must be in a way that the other member can answer it only with a yes or a no.