30 Nov 22, 12:00 AM to 30 Nov 22, 03:00 PM IST
Are you ready to test your marketing skills? Every entrepreneur should possess marketing skills to give their business the best chance of success. MARKET-O-MANIA will test your ability to market and persuade people with a set of fun challenges. Participate and win exciting cash prices. Members per team:3 to 4 ROUND 1: Advertisements are the main component in promoting products and services.This round is a ad making competition. Different forms of expression like a short skit, jingles, slogans, banners or any other innovative form can be incorporated. Topics would be provided on the spot.10 minutes preparation time for each team is given and the time limit for performing the advertisement is 3 minutes. 10 teams with the best ad will go to round 2. ROUND 2: Sales is what speaks in our world. The teams are given certain products and 1 hour time. The teams need to find ways to make people buy the products. A volunteer will accompany each team to avoid malpractices. At the end of 1 hour team with highest sale points wins.