Save The Company

29 Nov 22, 10:30 AM to 30 Nov 22, 01:30 PM IST
Company in Deep Trouble? Make your way through an event filled with traps, riddles, puzzles and problem statements in order to save your company. How about going to a situation where you have to use your wits and quick platforming reflexes to save your business? Save the company literally aims to simulate real life business problems that companies face during the most trying times. About Event: This event encourages and aims to showcase the participant’s entrepreneurial and decision-making skills. It puts you under the clock to test your problem solving and decision making ability. It also aims in improving your team building, collaborative and pitching skills. Based on a number of criteria, the participants would be evaluated and qualified for Round 2. The same process would be followed a twist the opponents would be given an opportunity to question the team pitching and evaluate them how they react and respond under pressure.