Shark Tank

29 Nov 22, 12:00 PM to 03 Dec 22, 12:05 PM IST
team event that gives every team an opportunity to be a shark. The shark which hunts the most gets the table turned and becomes an investor to pitch in the perfect idea. Round 1: Filtering Round The participants walk in as teams of 3, Each team will be given a specific amount of money The team has to invest the money in a set of companies that has been listed time given to a team to decide: 7 minutes Each company would have been internally weighed or ranked Depending on the amount of money spent, a weighted sum of the cash flow will be calculated (Multiply the weight say 0.8 and the amt of money that the team decided to invest in the company) Based on the scores teams will be selected for the next round Round 2: Final Round Selected teams will be given 3 problems and they have the liberty to choose a problem and come up with a product or service or an idea that solves the problem. The ideas can be wild and creative. Practicality will not be a judging criterion. Each team will be called in and asked to present their idea in front of a panel of MBA students. The team will be questioned and cross-questioned. The team that comes up with the best solution or idea will win.